Refer to Chapter 5, “Server Configuration and Utilities,” or the HP ROM-Based Setup Utility User.


Select Clear Configuration and Create Array. 0.



Enables the Ctrl +I Prompt, which allows the user to enter the RAID Configuration Utility. . <span class=" fc-falcon">Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.


Turn off the computer and wait five seconds. . Select All to include.

hp. Setting Options.


ACU is a utility with the following features: Runs as a local application or remote service accessed through the HP System Management Homepage; Supports online array capacity expansion, logical drive extension, assignment of online spares, and RAID or stripe size migration.

Within the Perform Maintenance menu, you have several options. Procedure From the UEFI System.

com/ctg/Manual/c04685655. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4.
1 GB, RAID 1+0, OK.



Feb 27, 2019 · Looks like there is another utility to do this now, the HPE Smart Storage Administrator Referred to here Opens a new window:. . To get to the RAID setup options, when the screen appears showing the F9 and F11 options press F8 every second or so, and you’ll first get the ILO configuration.

Some of these advanced tasks are not available in all HP SSA interface. HP EliteDesk and ProDesk PCs - Configuring RAID 1 with SATA RAID Controller. . The next screen will display properties of the selected adapter. . Procedure From the UEFI System.


It is provided by the LSI 8344ELP and 8888ELP plug-in cards on the HP. .

HP SSA provides full-range support for standard and advanced configuration tasks ("Support for configuration tasks " on page 6).

Go to the device manager and check the installed devices.

The Array Configuration utility (ACU) is a browser-based utility that can be used any time the server is powered on.

Under System Options, select Configure Storage Controller for RAID and POST Prompt for RAID Configuration.

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